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   madalena reversa is an artistic project, created in 2016 by Maria Alterno and Richard Pareschi, which blends theater, visual arts, performance and installations

2O2O. Romantic Disaster, live-set performance, finalist at Biennale College directors u.3O

2O19. Blaue Blume, light and sound installation, second phase at Biennale College directors u.3O

2O18. Dreaming Beauty, finalist at Premio Scenario Infanzia

2O17. Blank Composition, selected at Premio Scenario and at Teatro Stabile del Veneto 

2O16. Talking of Michelangelo, is the debut show of the company: it was shortlisted at the Be Festival –– Birmingham

  The emotional power of a light, a sound, an object, a body on set has always been what we’ve been mostly attracted to of theatre.

Our creations intend experimenting, through a planned combination of elements (lights, sounds, design), atmospheres that release a certain emotion.

Our artistic experimentations are located in a grey area between theatre and visual arts, between performance and installation, where the only essential element is dramaturgy.

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concept,design,text,voice Maria Alterno, Richard Pareschi
original music Lorenzo Tomio
lights and technical assistence Mattia Dal Bianco

production madalena reversa
supported by La Piccionaia
Dreaming Beauty is a dramatic installation in the rooms of Sleeping Beauty’s enchanted castle.
Teen spectators will enter, one-by-one, the castle and cross each of the rooms. Entering the enchanted castle will be as entering the dreaming mind of the sleeping maiden. Each room is an episode of her dream: the spaces described in the fairy tale take on a dreamlike-surreal connotation and the images and sounds blend in with the sleeping teen’s internal monologue which ponders on her age.