2022  ︎ New production
live - set performance

ideation —  Maria Alterno e Richard Pareschi
text — George G. Byron
music — Robert Schumann, Op. 115
original music — Donato Di Trapani
live electronics — Donato Di Trapani/Angelo Sicurella
sound design — Angelo Sicurella
voice — Maria Alterno
light design — Andrea Sanson
technical director and audio — Francesco Vitaliti graphics — Federico Lupo
organization — Giulia Monte
production — madalena reversa with Motus
Manfred is the eco-drama of our existence, the spirit of our age, the humanity bitten by itself, staggering in a storm of gloomy howls, the background of an imminent apocalypse.
It is a visual-audio image, which throws us in a post-romantic mal du siècle, surrounded by a heavily dark aura made of darkness, agonizing frequencies and metallic clashes, pierced by melancholic melodies evoking ancient memories of Beauty.

Photos  ©Vladimir Bertozzi 
Graphic ©Federico Lupo