is an experimental theatre company founded in Padua in 2016 by Maria Alternoand Richard Pareschi.Maria and Richard met in Rome during their academic studies, where they achieved the BA (Hons in Acting)awarded by the University of Wales.

“Talking of Michelangelo” is the debut show of the company: it was shortlisted at the 2016 Be Festival inBirmingham and made the finals at the 2016 Strabismi Festival and Anteprima.

“Blank Composition: The White Girl”, in 2017, is the second show of the company: it is semi-finalist atScenario Prize and among the selected works of MaturAzione, artistic training and residency projectpromoted by Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

“Dreaming Beauty”, the last work of the company, is Finalist at Scenario Childhood Prize 2018.

Madalena Reversa is a rediscovered painting. It is an ecstatic image that becomes simulacrum in the creativeprocess of the company.••


The emotional power of a light, a sound, an object, a body on set has always been what we’ve been mostlyattracted to of theatre.
That’s why we’ve steered our scenic research towards the study of Aesthetics,considered not as the science of beauty but as the doctrine of sensitive knowledge.
Our work investigates the perception as a cognitive act.Our creations intend experimenting, through a planned combination of elements (lights, sounds, design),atmospheres that release a certain emotion.
We pursue ways to give the audience a perceptive experience, letting them enter a scenic device that wouldlead them to abandon their intellect in favour of the senses, yet without falling into a scenic form of thesensorial kind but rather intuitive-emotional.
Our artistic experimentations are located in a grey area between theatre and visual arts, between performanceand installation, where the only essential element is dramaturgy


Maria Alterno
Richard Pareschidirector
Lorenzo Tomio sound designer
Mattia dal Bianco light designer