2018  ︎ selected Premio Scenario

direction, dramaturgy, set design, costumes: Maria Alterno and Richard Pareschi
Emanuela Cappello, Ada Roncone, Davide Semilia
writing and combination of texts: 
Richard Pareschi
motions and gestures: 
Maria Alterno and Richard Pareschi
original music: 
Roberto Conigliaro
3D video animation: 
Luca Campanella and Alessandro Torinesi
lighting designer:
Mattia dal Bianco
Eloisa Turello
recorded voices: 
Fausto Tinelli and Giulia Onorato
madalena reversa
White. A colour, a non-colour. Light. The container of all visible and audible frequencies.
What if we tried to enter the White? What is it White for me? What am I for this White?
Blank: shining but Empty.
Entering the White means to abandon the unintelligibility of this opaque matter. It means a mad jumpin the chasm of the unknowable. It means to deal with our “having to find ourselves”. It is necessary confronting this surface from close distance, and directing our senses in order to collect the elements that White evokes to us and recompose them as a whole. Putting them together. Our creative process originates from the Saint’s words, using her own weapon. Synaesthesia.
The creator is hit passively by the evocation of images, sounds, words, sensations, and laysthem in front of him to organize and offer them to the viewer. He, the viewer, will be the next creator of this material.
A Big Bang. Three figures.
White Girl. Personification of White, she embodies its action. Alone, unable to communicate, vehemently launched to search the Word. She is the albino Ophelia of the symbolist poet who faces the inevitable path from Incommunicability to Dementia to Death. It is the same course of White as matter. The flake white (thin sheets of lead oxidised in dung-heap that produce aheavy white paste) led Renaissance painters to madness and death.
Woman in Black. She is the Humor Melancholicus that underlies the entire path inside White. Like a poetic compendium of the elements revealed through synaesthesia, like a Sibyl, she will present the enigmas that will lead us to the metaphysical “place” of our existence: oursensitive soul.
The Poet will arrive in the middle of the path inside White, as a testamentary symbol, to bringin some possible solutions and provoke the Action.