madalena reversa is an artistic project, created in 2016 by Maria Alterno and Richard Pareschi based in Padua (Italy), which blends theater, visual arts, performance and installations.

Their works have been presented in festivals and venues such as: Triennale Milano, Biennale di Venezia, Santarcangelo Festival, Short Theatre.


The emotional power of a light, a sound, an object, a body on set has always been what we’ve been mostly attracted to of theatre.

Our creations intend experimenting, through a planned combination of elements (lights, sounds, design), atmospheres that release a certain emotion.

Our artistic experimentations are located in a grey area between theatre and visual arts, between performance and installation, where the only essential element is dramaturgy.

madalena reversa has been recently selected by “Crossing the sea, a long term-strategy project that aims to establish connection and cooperation between the performing art sector in Italy and in the Middle East and Asiatic countries.

Since 2016 madalena reversa has produced the following works:

2022. Manfred  (new production)
2020. Romantic Disaster
2019.  Blaue Blume
2018.  Dreaming Beauty 
2017.   Blank Composition: The White Girl
2016.  Talking of Michelangelo